Read Your Way to Good Health

Vacation season may be over, but that is no reason to stop reading. Reading is a vacation in itself. It is a way to escape the stress of daily life throughout the year. But reading is more than a stress reliever; it can change your life for the better. Take the story of Abraham Lincoln. With just one year of formal education, he used his love of reading to transform his life. Reading the great works of the time, he became an accomplished lawyer, public speaker, and President of the United States.

Benefits of Reading Good Material Regularly

While not every avid reader will become President, everyone can enjoy the many benefits of reading well-written content. Here are just a few of the things reading can do for you:
  1. Increase your knowledge. No other activity offers the ability to understand any subject you want. All you have to do is read a magazine, newspaper, book or tablet and you can improve your knowledge of history, finances, wellness, you name it. And if you read the same material several times you can greatly increase your understanding and retention of the subject.
  2. Improve your writing skills. Not all reading material is created equal. However, well-written reading material can improve your writing skills because it provides examples of good writing that you can learn to emulate.
  3. Improve your vocabulary. Just like reading can improve your writing skills, it can also improve your vocabulary. Well-written content uses a combination of everyday and not so everyday words. Take time to look up the words you do not know and improve your vocabulary.
  4. Improve your memory and focus. Studies show that reading acts like exercise for the brain. When you read challenging content, your brain works hard to process it and your brain becomes stronger and more alert.
  5. Improve your socialization skills. You do not have to drink Dos Equis beer to be interesting, just read good books and articles. Reading gives you something to talk about and shows that you are well informed. Reading also opens up opportunities to socialize when you join a book club.
  6. Entertain your brain. Ever read a book that you either did not want to put down or could not wait to pick up again? Granted, you may have similar feelings about watching your favorite television show, but those shows are not on all the time. You do not have to wait until next week to read something interesting and exciting.

There is no downside to reading great content. It is one of the great joys of life.
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