Reading is a Good Bargain

There are two main costs associated with reading—opportunity cost and financial cost.

Reading Opportunity Cost

Reading opportunity cost is the cost of choosing to read versus engaging in other activities. For example, if you choose to stay home and read a book instead of going to the movie theater with friends, you give up the opportunity to see a movie with your friends. Although all is not lost because you can hang out with your friends some other time, you will, however, never get back the time you chose to read versus hanging out with friends.

Reading Financial Cost

Reading financial cost is the cost to purchase printed books, newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. And if you prefer to do your reading on a computer, tablet, e-reader or smartphone, there is the cost of purchasing these devices.

Worth it

Reading good content regularly has many benefits that make it worth choosing over other activities. Reading increases knowledge, improves writing and grammar, enhances memory and concentration, relieves stress, and entertains. And while
socializing with others provides some of the same benefits, it does not provide all of them. Also, although you can borrow books from your local library free of charge, there is something to be said for creating your own personal library with printed or digital material. When you create your own library with purchased material, you do not have to wait to read it. You also do not have to worry about finishing it in time before you have to return it.

Make Reading Affordable

If you want access to free or low-cost reading material:
  • apply for a library card at your local library
  • use the computer at your local library to read the latest news online or read their print newspapers
  • purchase a used or older version e-reader
  • use your mobile device or e-reader (iPhone, iPad, Android device, Kindle, Nook) to check out library e-books
  • purchase used books at yards sales, bookstores, and thrift shops
  • use a site like to locate free books you can download
  • trade books with family, friends and neighbors
There are opportunity and monetary costs of reading. Both these costs are well worth the price because of readings many benefits.
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