If One of Obamacare’s Biggest Critics Wants to Use It To Save His Business, Can It Really Be That Bad?

I read a ton of employee benefit articles everyday. And when you read as much as I do you start to think you can predict where the field is going. Of course not everyone agrees with my opinions. But that doesn't stop me from sharing them...

For example, it's my opinion that some of the biggest Obamacare critics will eat their words. I'm not just talking about these critics being proven wrong because that happens daily. I mean they will embrace the very law they claimed was the worst thing to ever happen to America. Don't agree? Well, how about this as an example...

In 2012 Donald Trump
said this about Obamacare,

I know so many people who have companies where they are going to close them up as soon as it [Obamacare] really starts kicking in, which is in '14."

Irony of ironies, Trump Entertainment plans to stop paying for health care for thousands of union workers as it tries to avoid going out of business. And here is the kicker,
Trump Entertainment wants to provide these workers with a $2,000 stipend to purchase coverage on the federal exchange. Yes, instead of ruining companies, one of Obamacare's greatest foes is trying to use it to save one of his.

I could say more about this Trump story, but calling him a hypocrite is not the purpose of this post. Other companies are providing their employees with stipends to purchase individual health insurance coverage too. My point is pushing employees onto the Exchanges will not end with Trump Entertainment. Many others will adopt this option of providing coverage. And it is important for benefit pros to track this trend.

Obamacare Second Open Enrollment

The second open enrollment for the federal and state health care exchanges starts November 15, 2014 and ends February 15, 2015. Hopefully the second time around really is the charm for the online enrollment system. Regardless of your opinion about the law, take the time to inform your family, friends and acquaintances about the benefits of Obamacare. There are significant subsidies available to help pay the cost of health insurance coverage. If they are politically or otherwise opposed to applying for Obamacare coverage, let them know that this other guy use to have a problem with it too but now, not so much.
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