Create A Critical Illness Employee Assistance Checklist

Helping an ill employee understand and use their health insurance benefits is a daily occurrence in every HR benefits office. But from time to time benefit pros must assist an employee who is experiencing a life threatening illness. And while some benefits pros may be tempted to treat these employees like all others needing their assistance, top benefit pros know that critically ill employees need more than advice about the mechanics of their health plan. They need a benefits advocate and amateur therapist.

A Benefits Advocate for Critically Ill Employees

Critically ill employees have more than a major illness to conquer. They may not be able to work full-time or at all. If unable to earn income, they may need assistance paying their bills. They may not have family members or friends capable of assisting them with transportation needs, food preparation and other daily life activities.

In addition to sharing the status of their health with their benefits representative, these employees often share their personal situation. This puts benefit professionals in a unique position to use all of their expertise and resources to help these employees and their families. And because these situations will arise more than once in the career of the average benefit pro, a critically ill employee assistance checklist is a must.

Checklist (not exhaustive and in no particular order):
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